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Polyculture – the gift that keeps on giving!

Right then,

Following on from my development of a new veg bed in the spring, incorporating the permaculture principles of “hugelkultur” and the keyhole bed principle, I thus decided to develop another idea, that of polyculture gardens. The inspiration came from Toby Hemenway’s book “Gaia’s Garden” yet he further attributes Ianto Evans as the source of the idea in his work. It may be viewed in this link.

So I sowed in the same place seeds of radish, dill, parsnip, calendula, and lettuce after the last frosts and waited. I’ve kept a photographic record of the progress of this fascinating little garden. Here’s the first from the 23rd of May:

You can clearly see the most rapid growth is in the radishes which are always fast growers. The leaves look somewhat like butterfly wings to me at least.

After this I went on holiday to Corsica and now look what awaited my return:

17th June:

Stuff is jumping out of the ground! The most amazing is the radish set which are the biggest I have ever seen! I was swamped with them and was eating them like there was no tomorrow. What is noticeable is how there are almost no slugs in this bed. Could it be something to do with the marigolds which are attracting pest eating insects?

29th June:

I’ve been harvesting lettuce after lettuce from the bed. Now I have the rather wonderful “problem” of to much dill and what to do with it. I grabbed a handful the other day and took it to my local grpocer who promptly swapped it for a kilo of mushrooms! The final crop to expect is the parsnip which I have seen peeping from underneath. I am looking forward to eating these with my Christmas diner. So as one can see, from radishes to parsnips, one gets a crop for a very long time from such a small bed.

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  1. hanna bönka says:

    realy nice to see how it grows!! :)

  2. Jacquie says:

    What a brilliant little plot! We’ve just moved house and now have a bit of a plot to play with..think I’ll have to give this a bash come the Spring.

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