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Jeremy Stocks:

Love reading this chap’s blog

Originally posted on Francis Pryor - In the Long Run:

Living as I do a mere metre and a half above sea level (which at this time of year means several metres below high tide levels), I was astonished to hear that the chairman of the Environment Agency has written in the Daily Telegraph that when it comes to flooding we must decide between town and country – and this from a political party that is supposed to number rural people among its supporters (but that doesn’t include me, I hasten to add!). I cannot believe what is being said. Surely if governments do nothing else, they must protect their constituents from harm, and that doesn’t only mean terrorists.  Water can kill, you know; it isn’t just  for diluting your expenses-paid whisky in one of the House of Commons bars. Frankly I’m speechless. Lost for words. Dumbfounded. Incredulous.

And I hadn’t planned to write anything about flooding in this post…

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79 Ways to Nurture Yourself

Jeremy Stocks:

I really ought to do some of these!

Originally posted on Marci, Mental Health, & More:

The word nurture means to take good care of yourself, to treat yourself well.  To nurture yourself adequately, it is absolutely necessary that you allow yourself to take time for yourself.  When it comes to nurturing yourself, you are the expert.  You know best what you like, what feels good, what is a special treat.  Nurturing yourself means thinking about what you can do for yourself, not what you cannot do.  Think about possibilities, not problems.  Finally, remember that a nurturing experience is not necessarily a “big thing.”  There are many relatively effortless, inexpensive ways to feel good.

The following list of nurturers for the body, mind, and spirit.  Feel free to treat yourself to many of these suggestions often.

  1. Go to a museum
  2. Have your nails done or give yourself a manicure.
  3. Visit a place that is beautiful to you- a park, church, lakeside spot, etc.
  4. Give yourself more time than…

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Latest shenanigans on TT…

Here a good mate defended me…..


Of course there is favouritism… SwinNude is a personal buddy of of of the Mods.. so It stays…

My Posts get ripped out all the time and so on… until their Sky stops working etc, then its all “sweetness and pie”…

Desa… If it pisses you off so much to remove all the bollox and drivel that Jeremy posts, then Why do you do it?? Why not just log out and stay out?
You dont get paid for this so there must some gratitude somewhere for you…

I would hate to be a moderator because then even more people would hate me, if that’s at all possible!

As for the swim nude thread… As far as I could see it was a TT oldtimer looking for a cheap thill and sex… If was just a “thrill of swimming naked” offer, then why was a “date” made and why didnt they just go into town and swim naked with loads of other Hermans?

TT Watch – multiple use of usernames

Well we have a thread which stzarted out jovially:


under a pseudonym.

Now I have posted number 67 on that thread:


questioning the rules that allow different usernames. 


Indeed in the TT rules:

The operation of two or more forum user IDs by one individual is strongly discouraged.

Occasionally a member may need a second ID in order to post something anonymously. This is permitted but only if there are reasonable grounds for doing so. For example, posting about a private medical problem, or making a complaint about an employer.

Duplicate IDs for the sake of posting a joke or a troll are not permitted.



Not Dresden WW2, Munich 2013 New Years Eve

How many pets and animals were frightened by this?


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